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Knit Shop is based in Dundee, Scotland, a city with a rich industrial history and a once-thriving textile centre famed for linen, sail-cloth and, perhaps most famously, jute. The population of the city expanded four-fold in the 19th century, and at the height of its industry the mills and factories employed over 50,000 people. Fierce competition from the emerging Indian jute industry led to the closure of many of these mills in the 1920, a shift which changed the landscape of the city for many years to come.

Recent years have seen this former industrial city reinvent itself. The home to two world-class universities, Dundee is a key player in the biomedical and technological industries, and in 2014 it was recognised by UNESCO as the UK’s first City of Design for its diverse contributions to fields including medical research, comics and video games.

A £1 billion plan to regenerate the Waterfront area of Scotland’s sunniest city has put Dundee on the map as a cultural and creative centre for Scotland, with the new V&A Dundee as the jewel in its crown, alongside two world-class museums celebrating the city’s industrial past – the refurbished mill-now-textile-museum Verdant Works and maritime museum Discovery Point.

Knit Shop is proud to be part of the fabric of this new phase of Dundee’s future.